Consumer litigation

With a track record of over 70 years representing new car, motorcycle and truck dealers in California, Manning Leaver is experienced in defending its clients against a wide variety of consumer claims. Manning Leaver handles all aspects of defending a dealer client against a consumer claim, starting from responding to a Consumers Legal Remedies Act letter and going all the way through trial.  Upon first receiving an assignment, the firm’s emphasis is to evaluate the consumer's claims early on to develop appropriate strategies for settlement or litigation. In the event of litigation, the firm is ready to address arbitration, mediation, discovery matters, law and motion matters, trial and appellate issues, as necessary.  Manning Leaver has successfully defended dealers in state and federal court,  and binding arbitration throughout California.  In addition to its litigations services, the firm provides guidance to its clients on any available insurance coverage for such claims, and works with its clients to obtain appropriate coverage from its insurance carriers, if available.