Buy/sell agreements

Navigating the sale or purchase of an automobile dealership (whether a stock or asset sale) is typically a complex transaction that can be difficult to close without experienced legal counsel.  Manning Leaver has provided legal counsel to many dealers for over 70 years, and has helped close hundreds of these transactions.  Whether buying or selling a dealership, the firm provides all of the necessary legal services, including preparation of buy-sell agreements and related sale or lease agreements pertaining to real property, as well as guidance on factory approval issues, financing, and governmental licensing requirements. Manning Leaver has also been involved in a number of buy-sell transactions involving a manufacturer/distributor's exercise of its right of first refusal, and help a dealer to protect its interests.  We also handle dealership buy-in transactions involving employees. Both public and privately held dealerships utilize the services of Manning Leaver for their buy/sell needs.  Based upon our vast experience and expertise in handling buy-sell transactions you can be assured that you are in good hands with Manning Leaver.  If you have any questions regarding our buy-sell transaction services, please call us and ask to speak with any of our partners.