Ad review program

Special retainer program

Attorney review of dealer advertising

AD APPROVAL PROGRAM. Manning, Leaver, Bruder & Berberich (MLBB), authors of The California Auto Dealer Advertising Law Manual, the Dealer Management Guide, the F & I Compliance Manual, and the Franchise Law Manual, has an innovative program available for legal review of dealer advertising.

ATTORNEY REVIEW.The program, available to California auto dealers, consists of an attorney review and clearance of dealer advertising by MLBB attorneys, including newspaper, radio, television, print media, internet, and direct mail.

INTERNET-BASED.Although the ads can be transmitted to MLBB by email, fax, and overnight or regular mail, an Internet-based program developed by MLBB substantially speeds up the approval process.

INTERNET PROCESS.In using the internet-based program, the dealer, or the dealer’s ad agency or newspaper, uploads the ad to website. MLBB is instantly notified that an ad is waiting for comments and approval. The attorney to whom the ad is assigned makes comments directly on the ad copy and the client is notified by email that the attorney comments are available for review. The client reviews the comments, makes any necessary changes, and uploads a revised ad to the website. The attorney reviews the revised ad and can then approve the ad, with an email notification to the client that the ad is approved. A history of the dealer’s ads are retained on the website and can be viewed by the dealer at any time.

COST; TURNAROUND.The ad clearance program is on a retainer basis of a monthly fee, billed quarterly. For those dealers on the ad clearance retainer program, MLBB will provide prompt turnaround usually by the end of the next business day for ads received by 10:00 a.m. on the preceding business day. Dealers on the program receive up to five (5) hours of attorney time per month on a discounted basis for ad approvals. Additional attorney time over the five hours per month is billed at MLBB then current rates.

LEGAL ADVICE PROTECTIONS.For your protection, this program provides you with the benefit of legal advice from licensed attorneys. When dealer ads are approved by attorneys, the dealership has the assurance of competent legal advice and can receive the benefits and protections of the attorney-client privilege. MLBB has a history of representing California vehicle dealers for over 100 years. If you have any questions or interest in the program, telephone MLBB (323-937-4730) and ask to speak to any one of the partners.