Auto dealership buy/sell articles

The following articles from our Automobile Dealership Buy/Sell Newsletter are written by our attorneys and various other professionals familiar with the automobile dealer industry. The articles are related to the complex area of buying and selling of automobile dealerships. They are not to be taken as legal, accounting, tax, or other advice. You should consult your own professionals for such advice. Some of the material may not be up to date because of legislative, regulatory, or court case changes. Much of the material, however, remains timely. At the end of each article you will find the year when the article was written, and you should check with your own legal counsel or other professional for any updating of the information provided in the article.

Americans with disabilities (ADA) issues

Appraisal of assets

Appraisal of dealership premises

Assets versus stock sale

Assumption of dealership contracts

Bankruptcy court buy-sells

Bulk sale notices

Buy-sell agreement structure

Buy-sell litigation


Capital requirements

Choice of business entity

COBRA issues

Dealership values

Employee and WARN issues

Environmental matters

Estate planning

Friendly foreclosures

Goodwill issues

Letters of intent

Litigating buy-sells


Preparing to sell

Real estate investment trusts (REITs)

Shareholder agreements

Successor liability

Tax matters