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Real estate investment trusts

Boyd H. Hudson and Hugh Roberts

This is an article by Boyd D. Hudson, esq. and Hugh Roberts, CFP dealing with REITS as a vehicle for holding dealership real property.

New California franchise legislation impacts buy-sell

This edition of the newsletter focuses entirely on the California franchise legislation effective Jan. 1, 1999. There is an extensive review of the legislation together with an interview of our partners, Joe Berberich and Bert Rasmussen by partner Penny Reeves

Putting the "good" in goodwill

Sid Tobiason and Dave Duryee

This is an article about allocating some or all the goodwill connected with a dealership to the dealer principal on a personal basis with possible resultant tax savings

Considerations in choice of business entity

Dave Bullock, Mike Phillipson and Jonathan Forgy

This is an article written by CPAs David Bullock, T. Michael Phillipson, and Jonathan Forgy, partners with Parke-Guptill & Company. The article focuses on the differences between business entities such as corporations and LLCs.

Bulk sales tax trap

David Tait

This is an article by appraiser David Tait regarding the importance of having a separate bulk sales tax valuation of assets in order to save sales taxes when assets are sold and purchased in a dealership buy/sell.

So you want to build a new dealer

Jack Colleran, Former Branch Manager GM Motors Holding Los Angeles

This is an article by Jack Colleran concerning the process of building a new dealership.

Environmental deal killers

Michael M. Uziel

This is an article by Michael M. Uziel regarding environmental issues impacting automobile dealership buy-sell transactions.